Land Use, Planning and Zoning

Bellamy Law Firm’s Land Use, Planning and Zoning attorneys are recognized by developers across the Grand Strand as premier attorneys in the field of zoning and land use planning. We offer our clients a myriad of services, including assistance with zoning compliance, re-zonings, variances, preparation of ordinances, drainage and runoff issues, wetlands regulation, historic preservation issues, and environmental review. Further, our Land Use, Planning and Zoning attorneys offer expertise on a multitude of land use matters ranging from complex, multi-use developments to single-family subdivisions. We also offer assistance in a broad range of uses including shopping center developments, industrial development, restaurant chains, office park developments, residential developments, and hotel developments. Land use, planning and zoning laws/regulations play an important role in the evolution of any community. It is crucial that all applicable zoning or land development policies set forth by the local municipal government are followed. Let our highly-experienced attorneys assist you in securing such compliance.